Reading Rewards

Welcome back Cubs! Get ready for this year’s Reading Rewards Program, where reading is the reward. Research shows that students who read at least 20 minutes per day perform better in school (see back), so let’s get reading! Students who complete the required reading will be rewarded with the opportunity to receive books from the school Book Fairs.

Here’s how it works:
1. A Reading Rewards Calendar will be sent home each month. (The first calendar is attached)
2. Students read, or are read to, for at least 20 minutes per day, for at least 20 days during the month.  
3. Parents initial each day that the student has read at least 20 minutes on the calendar, and sign the bottom of the completed calendar.
4. Parents or students list all of the books that were read on the back of the calendar.
5. Students return the completed and signed calendar by the deadline listed.
6. Students Earn “Book Bucks” to spend at the Book Fair!

What are Book Bucks? Each student who returns a completed calendar on time will earn a “Book Buck,” which will be redeemable for books at the Cubberley Book Fairs in December and May. Students will have the opportunity to earn a total of ten Book Bucks for the school year. Each Book Buck is equivalent to one dollar, so each student can earn up to $10 worth of books!

To kick-start this year’s program, we are offering the opportunity to earn two bonus Book Bucks in September. To earn the first bonus Book Buck, complete the Reading Club Pledge form below, and return it to you child’s teacher by 9/13/17.

The Reading Rewards program will begin Wednesday, September 6.  Read at least 15 days from 9/6-9/30 to earn one Book Buck. Read at least 20 days to earn two Book Bucks!  

Happy Reading!

Reading Rewards Pledge Form

September Reading Calendar